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Summerfield Honey's native pollinator garden

Our Story


Beekeeper Josh


Beekeeper Lisa

Hello, friends! We're Josh & Lisa Sewell of Summerfield Honey. In addition to being a husband and wife beekeeping team, we're nature lovers, dog parents, and happy residents of southwest Missouri.

Our beekeeping journey started in California back in 2014 when Josh got interested in gardening. He read books on biodynamic farming, started growing beautiful vegetables in the backyard, and quickly became fascinated by pollinators, especially honey bees.

In no time at all, Josh's love of bees turned into a full blown passion. Our library of beekeeping books expanded quickly, as did our knowledge. We attended bee club meetings, beekeeping conferences, and Josh enrolled in the master beekeeping course through the University of Montana.


We kept our first hives in Ojai, California with the support of a local beekeeping mentor who, at this point, is family to us (we love you, Pat!).


Eventually, Josh had the chance to work under two commercial beekeepers, one in Northern California and one on the central coast of California. This experience provided Josh with the skills and confidence to launch a beekeeping business.

In 2020, we started Summerfield Honey.

We're proud that Summerfield Honey is a family business built with love. We value quality and believe in giving back, which is why we donate 10% of honey sales to honey bee research and local food banks.


Thank you for supporting Summerfield Honey. We look forward to sharing our very best with you.


Sophia on the bee truck - ready to work!

Lisa, Sophia, and Josh

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